You’ll Never Look at Fiber Optics the Same Way Again

You might have heard about “fiber optics” before and only two words came to mind: faster Internet. But, you never actually heard that the Internet speed indeed changed, right?

Yes, it can provide faster and better connection, but the devices today just can’t process the inner workings of this technology yet. For a clearer picture, this is the same as trying to use a high-pressure hose to wash a baby. And you can only imagine how it’ll end — a disaster.

According to OptDex, unless you have an SFP-10g-sr-x, a transceiver that lets you access faster Internet speeds, the benefits of fiber optics are nil.

Here are other things you might not know about fiber optics.

It’s Lighter, Thinner, and Truly Faster

A fiber optic line is terribly smaller than the regular Internet cable wires. So, just like everything small, it naturally becomes easier for things to pass through. In this case, the data or Internet speed goes in and out of the fiber optics at incredible speeds.

It Uses Lightsabers

Another fun fact about this technology is that it uses laser for processing information. By doing so, the response time of information is obviously above the fold. But, don’t actually bet that you can see it in the works, though!

It’s Binary Perfect

You will never find any hangs or glitch when using fiber optics because there’s no such thing as leftover light. If you open your eyes, you’ll see the light; if you close it you’ll see dark. It’s pretty much how binary works. This property is what makes fiber optics an incredible piece of tech.

It’s Almost Wear-and-Tear-proof

Fiber optics don’t retard at all given that it’s in a maintained environment. Since it just uses light to send and receive data, it doesn’t experience any signal loss. This means that it’s either working or it’s not.

The fiber optics technology is an incredible innovation. But, it’s simply not yet practical, not until the current devices evolve, too.