Wine Bottle Sizes and the Right Labels

Bottle Labeling

The wine industry is one of the most competitive ones. Remaining relevant and standing out is hence essential to make profits. The quality of the label on your wine bottle is one of the critical things that will make your wine stand out and help you gain a unique market position.

There are several elements involved in designing of wine labels here in NZ. Among the crucial ones is the label’s size. The shape of your wine bottle primarily influences this. Here is a guide to matching your wine bottle type and label.

The Bordeaux Bottle

This bottle has a defined shoulder and straight sides. This is the most common shape of wine bottle used by small-scale winemakers. Various labels will be sufficient for a Bordeaux bottle since its size makes it versatile. Labels with a 4”h x3.5”w or 6”h x 4”w are however the best options for this bottle.

The Burgundy Bottle

This bottle has characteristic gently sloping shoulders like the Mosel. It is however slightly more stout compared to the latter. A burgundy bottle is usually for chardonnay, pinot noir and some types of Barolo wines. Labels with a height of less than 4.5 inches make a perfect fit for this bottle.

The recommended label sizes for a burgundy bottle are 4”x4” or 4”h x 3.5” w.

The Mosel Bottle

Compared to other wine bottles, the Mosel is the tallest. It has gently sloping sides and is slender. A Mosel bottle is generally used for packaging sweet dessert wines including Riesling and gewürztraminer. A 4” x 4” and a 4”w x 3.5”h label size will suffice for this bottle.

With the above guide, you are sure not to get the ideal label size for your bottle. Small labels result in wrinkled looks and tiny writings while excessively large ones are not aesthetically pleasing.

The presentation is a significant part of the wine sector, and you cannot go wrong with a proper label.