Why Walk-In Bathtubs are Great for Seniors

A modern bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most dangerous places in the house, with two-thirds of accidents occurring in the bathtub and shower. Thousands of seniors go to ER annually after falls in the bathroom.

Bathrooms are hazardous places. The tiled flooring, water and slippery surfaces make them one of the most dangerous rooms in the house. For seniors, the risk of falling when bathing is high due to deteriorating balance, thinner bone density, failing eyesight and medication use.

Getting a walk-in bathtub for the elderly can minimize the chance of accidents and help them maintain their independence.

There are lots of safety features to a walk-in tub, including:

Flat access entry via a door – no climbing over the side of the tub.

Integral non-slip surfaces – water completely drains before the user exits the tub, leaving no residue to cause a fall.

Temperature controlled faucets so the water cannot get too hot.

Optional grab handles.

Some models are designed for wheelchair users to operate independently without needing to employ an assistant. This gives people with disabilities and the elderly the privacy and autonomy they desire when tending to their personal needs.

Walk-In Tubs Have Luxury Features

In addition to being practical, many walk-in tubs have some extra touches of luxury, such as heated seats, color therapy for that relaxing ‘candlelight effect’ bathing experience and an aromatherapy spa mode to ease the aches and pains that come with aging. Regular soaks in a heated aromatherapy bath could loosen joints, relieve stress and might even make a person more flexible and less likely to fall.

If a senior relative has had a falling accident, remodelling the bathroom isn’t necessary. The tubs are portable and can be moved to any room with a faucet, and they are compact, designed to fit in with the existing space – a less troublesome solution than creating a wet room.

For more information about walk-in bathtubs for seniors and how they can benefit seniors, ask for a brochure from a reputable provider to look at the range that is available.