Why Plants are Necessary in These 5 Places

Plants and flowers on a winding roadsideThe great thing about plants is that they can grow anywhere. As long as there’s sun, soil, and water, expect some greenery to grow. Some plants can even withstand extreme temperatures, such as cacti that thrive in the desert, or kelps that live in the ocean. Nowadays, it’s not unusual for people to grow plants in their own bedrooms or in their office desks. Here’s a look at the places where plants are grown, and the purpose for doing so.


Greenhouse provider Growing Spaces explains that greenhouse kits can easily be bought and installed in a residential property. Greenhouses are made of materials designed to retain heat from the sun, helping plants to grow properly. Greenhouses also shield plants from outdoor pests and elements.

Farms and Orchards

Plants are grown in farms and orchards to be sold as produce. For instance, the crops in farms could be either wheat, leafy greens, or potatoes. The crops in orchards could be oranges, apples, and other fruit-bearing trees. Farms need irrigation or a regular water supply to keep the plants healthy. Pesticides may also be needed since these plants are out in the open and could be infested with locusts or rats.


Plants grown in parks serve as canopies against the heat. Having flowering plants in parks could also beautify the look of the area. The grass in parks is usually well trimmed so that unsightly weeds won’t grow. The flowers in shrubs and the fruits in trees blossom during summer or spring, adding color to the park.


Potted plants can often be found in offices. Smaller potted plants like succulents can occupy space in an office desk. Because succulents retain water, they can survive dry conditions in such an air-conditioned setting. Having plants in the office is believed to relieve stress, especially to the eyes.

Shopping Areas

Shopping areas like malls or bazaars have plants to enhance the look of the place. This could draw in more shoppers, especially those who seek cool shade during summer. Having plants and trees in shopping areas can give an impression of concrete coexisting with nature.

Plants have plenty of purposes, which is why they are grown in various locations. These include offices, shopping establishments, greenhouses, farms, and more. Thanks to plants, people have something to eat on their plates, and they have shade to shield themselves from heat.