Why Meeting Up with a CDL Lawyer Should Be Top Priority

CDL Lawyer in Payson

As a commercial driver, you should understand that, when it comes to receiving traffic tickets in Utah, you are at risk of serious disadvantages that may lead not only to penalties and fines, but disqualification as well, which can result in loss of income. Regardless of the duration of your disqualification, it will still cause you a lot of money, since you no longer will have the ability to drive a commercial vehicle.

This is the main reason you should meet up with a CDL lawyer like Mt. Nebo Law as soon as possible, especially when you face any of the following:

Violations considered major under the State’s laws

Driving under the influence of alcohol as defined by the laws of the State of Utah; driving under the influence of any controlled substance or drugs; driving a CMV with an alcohol concentration of or more than 0.04, disagreeing to undergo alcohol test; using a CMV to commit a crime, and continuously using a CMV regardless of already having received a disqualification that has not expired.

Disqualifications: The consequence of losing the fight

Fines and penalties are the least of your worries when you lose your fight against a disqualification dispute for any of the above-mentioned violations.

The severity of the disqualification depends on the violation committed, and whether it was for the first time or for a repeat offender.

For first time offenders, committing a major violation will result in a one year disqualification. However, when your violation involves using a CMV to transport supposed-to-be placarded hazardous substances, this duration goes up to three years.

For repeat offenders, lifetime disqualification is the consequence of losing the battle. You remain eligible though, for reinstatement, as long as you meet specific criteria, after 10 years from the date of disqualification.

As you can see, any type of CMV-related ticket or violation can have serious consequences. So before you make any move, seek the assistance of a CDL lawyer.