Why Chain Link Fences are Inexpensive Solutions for a Wide Variety of Uses

Link Fencing solution

Chain line fences are cheap fencing options for backyards. These can also be great pet enclosures, as they’re easy to install and are affordable. You can buy them at any hardware or online store. When homeowners require residential chain link fence in Salt Lake City, they typically have specific reasons. Here are some of them:

Privacy Options

The main concern about chain link fences is privacy. It’s a mish-mash net of wires, which are interwoven and form a roll of fencing material. It does not have any other function apart from being an inexpensive, easy to deploy fencing material. As it’s made of wires, people can see through the fence and into the yard. For those with the need for privacy, there are privacy slats that provide a full or partial degree of privacy. These are interwoven between the chain link fence wires.

As a fencing material, chain links are easy to deploy and the wall can be constructed by a single person. What people do not realize is that these fences can withstand strong winds. Fence features can also be made with chain link include paddock and backyard gates.


Chain link fences can be constructed to fit any size and use. It’s easy to make a sheep paddock or an open pigpen as well as an enclosure for chickens. It can also be used for a separate enclosure for pets like rabbits and goats. These fences have been used for different applications since they were invented. It is in use in baseball fields, as well as in mixed martial arts cages.

Typically, the cost of the chain link fence depends on the size or diameter of the wire used. There are other costs to consider when putting it up. First off are the posts where the chain link is attached. These can be wooden posts, foundation posts, or even cement posts. Another example is the nuts and bolts to fasten the fence to the foundation posts.