When Small is Bigger: 3 Ways to Make Your Small Home Look Larger

Small House in Melbourne

Large doesn’t always mean better, especially when it comes to living spaces. Here in Melbourne, unless you’re willing to burn a hole in your pocket, it’s hard to find a spacious home. But settling in a smaller house doesn’t mean you’re settling for second best.

Living in a small home has its perks. Plus, there are many ways to make your little abode look and feel like a mansion, without incurring the cost of building or maintain one. Take a look at the following pointers to make your home bigger, as suggested by Economy Glass.

Natural Light is Your Best Mate

Natural light can make small spaces appear larger. So you want more of it to flood your room. One way to do this is to get bigger windows. If your builder or building administrator doesn’t permit it, get clearer windows instead. According to glass suppliers in Melbourne, you need to get the precise measurements and cut glass windows precisely. It’s better if you could get professionals who can do the job much efficiently.

Paint the Walls

The right colour palette can expand your space visually. Painting the walls with warm and light colours, for example, can trick your eye that the room is larger when it isn’t. They’re best for rooms without windows like your basement or garage if you want to add a sense of depth or space.

Cut the Clutter

A cluttered space makes a room feel smaller than it really is. Keep your home organised and cut the clutter. In the living room, for example, arrange the furniture and keep the decors to a minimum. It’s always better to use furniture pieces with multiple functions to save precious space, like an ottoman which can also serve as a storage bin.

Remember that a smaller home isn’t a bad option. After all, with these pointers, you can make you little abode look and feel bigger than it really is.