When Should You Hire the Services of a Child Custody Attorney?

Child Custody Lawyer in Albuquerque

Divorce can cause a significant amount of stress. This is especially true when the parties couldn’t resolve their issues and disputes. If divorcing couples go through really rough times, how much stress could it give to their children? More importantly, how about their future? What’s in store for them after their parents’ divorce?

Child custody is one of the most common issues tackled in divorce cases. Fortunately in such cases, the court looks into the “best interest of the child” to establish the most beneficial arrangement.

When to hire a child custody lawyer

In some cases, divorcing couples are able to agree on issues concerning their children. Many divorcing parents let their differences and pride get in between, however, making child custody a big issue. This is the time a professional intervention is highly necessary.

Child custody lawyers in Albuquerque and other parts of New Mexico suggest hiring an attorney when:

  • you and your spouse couldn’t agree on the custody terms;
  • you and your spouse couldn’t make conversations about it friendly and productive;
  • the divorce proceedings are affecting your relationship with your child

Furthermore, it helps to have a child custody attorney by your side when:

  • you are not certain of the information to provide the court or your spouse;
  • you believe it’s better to have a legal representative to speak on your behalf during court proceedings
  • the complexity of the case is overwhelming

Before you hire a lawyer

Consider your financial resources when deciding whether to hire an attorney. Remember that such services could be quite costly depending on several factors such as the state you are in and the number of hours needed to resolve the case.

Is your child custody case too complicated? Ask this to yourself before anything else. If it is a difficult case, such as in an interstate child custody case, then you definitely need a lawyer. Divorcing parents are typically advised to hire a lawyer when the issue is too complex and touches on different family laws and local statutes.

Consult with a family law firm near you to help you make the right decision for your child custody case. Don’t lose custody simply because you didn’t seek help. You have all the help you need, all you need is to choose.