What’s a Medical Malpractice Insurance?

acquiring medical malpractice insurance

Owning and managing a business in the medical field can be a complex and challenging experience. Regardless of the level of care professional medical practitioners provide, medical malpractice claims against medical centers and clinics in Florida still occur. These can be against medical malpractice incidents that may have resulted in injury or loss to patients or clients. With medical liability or malpractice insurance in place, however, both the professional medical practitioners and practice can receive protection from these claims.

Medical malpractice insurance policies pay defense costs and cover claims for medical error or neglect, even if the claims are false or groundless. These policies, however, don’t cover intentional and criminal acts, although some may pay defense costs until the nature of the underlying act is determined.

Medical malpractice insurance policies often include features and coverage such as:

  • Civil liability coverage for claims arising from healthcare services provided by medical centers or clinics
  • Vicarious liability coverage for the acts, errors, or omissions of medical practitioners. This doesn’t include individual medical malpractice liability, however.
  • Coverage for claims arising from employee and Medicare benefits fraud

If you own or manage a medical center or clinic, think about purchasing a medical malpractice insurance from local insurance companies like Gracey-Backer, Inc. After all, you may still receive a medical malpractice claim despite providing the highest level of care possible.