Ways to Protect Your Boat This Winter

an old 26 foot lobster boat is completely disassembled and in the process of refinishing inside an old boat shop

Boating season is several months away, and maybe you are on your way to store your boat somewhere while you look forward to partying during the holidays.

Storing is not just pulling your boat out of the water and put it in some place; our boat needs some tender loving care to keep her beauty and in good condition for your next escapade to be enjoyable.

Protection is all about planning

Before you pull out your boat from the water, you may need to plan how you are going to store your boat this winter. Boat expert WALK-WINN states that shopping for custom-made boat covers is worth considering even if you are going to store her at a shipyard.

There are cover materials like a tarp that you could choose to protect your boat’s finish from scratches and vandalism. If you are going to store your boat in a trailer outdoors, you may need to ensure that strong winds will not put it down.

Getting a sturdy tent to cover your boat is an ideal option to give you space in maintaining your boat while controlling outdoor climate. Learning how winter condition in your state could affect your ship is also important to help you figure out if you need other protective measures.

Ensure boat condition before storage

You do not want to start the next season only to find out that your boat has many problems. You need to make sure that accumulated saltwater in all parts of your vessel has been thoroughly flushed to prevent corrosion. Saltwater often collect in the hull so make sure you carefully check it.

Give your boat’s engine the love it deserves by keeping it mechanically sound. When removing the battery for cleaning, it is important that you disconnect the negative terminal first before the positive terminal to prevent it from draining. Do a thorough inspection and proper lubrication before you store it.

It is important that you plan on how you will store your boat this winter to protect it properly. Conditioning the parts of your boat before storage is highly recommended to prepare for next season.