Water Is Never Not Good For Your Teeth

Many people stress about their food and drink options, not only when it comes to keeping their weight in check, but also making sure that their teeth do not decay any faster than they should.

From sugary fizzy drinks to the occasional piece of chocolate, there is no guilty pleasure that exempts teeth from damage — at least to some degree. Even healthy foods such as grains and vegetables can contribute to the wearing down of one’s choppers; literally, no food or drink can guarantee dental health by its lonesome.

None except water.

If the lack of something in your system can outright kill you, then that something must be really good. Water, that thing making up about 60 per cent of the human body, is apparently excellent for dental health too, among many other things.

Professionals from practices, such as Fresh Dental, cite specific ways drinking water helps keep pearly whites healthy. They list the following reasons to encourage you to consume more of the crystal clear stuff:

1. Water cleanses teeth.

As the substance for washing away all sorts of dirt and grime, water also helps keep your teeth free of food particles and acids. Of course, brushing your teeth at least twice a day for at least two minutes at a time is still necessary for a complete dental regimen, but sipping more water before, during and after every meal sure does help a lot.

2. Water is calorie-free.

There is no alternative to water when it comes to quenching one’s thirst on a regular basis — no other beverage comes close. If you wish to improve your overall health with a single dietary change, do it by opting for water every single chance you get.

3. Water keeps your mouth from drying up.

That statement may sound needless to most of you, but for Xerostomia or ‘dry mouth’ sufferers, drinking water consistently is more than just a matter of keeping teeth clean; saliva does this naturally in cases where no glass of water is nearby. People with Xerostomia miss out on these two methods of cleansing teeth when they do not drink water. Also, you can probably imagine how uncomfortable ‘dry mouth’ is.

Drinking water is just about as important to human life as breathing air. This makes it sound more fitting that for many people, a life with bad teeth is not as enjoyable a life, to begin with.