Want to Make your Timber Floors Less Slippery?

Timber Floors

A slippery and sticky floor is dangerous. Timber floors become slippery due to spills, finishes and cleaning products. Applying polish or wax also contributes. The best way to make your timber floor less slippery is to keep it clean and dry. Here are some ways to help you:

  • Clean and dry the floor. Sweep it regularly and mop as required, using vinegar added in warm water. Spills, pet accidents and kitchen splashes should be wiped as soon as possible. Note that weekly cleaning may not be enough. Use wood-cleaning products for deep cleaning, preferably in spring or before winter.
  • Each entrance should have a doormat where family members and guests can thoroughly wipe their feet before entering the house. Experts also recommend having a boot removal area, especially during winter.
  • Place rags with non-stick pads in areas that become slippery more often or get a lot of traffic. In Perth, timber floors go well with absorbent mats. Place these under the sinks and in doorways to prevent those areas from becoming wet.
  • SFGate says timber floors are not slippery, but after waxing or polishing they may become slick. To solve this, one suggestion is to coat your floor with an anti-slip solvent.

It’s good to make your floor less slippery to avoid accidents, especially involving kids. It’s also good to regularly warn house members to be extra careful when in the house so that they don’t slip and fall.

The home welcomes you and your guests, and anyone may encounter an accident when you don’t maintain your flooring. Follow the advice of experts to avoid embarrassing situations involving your guests and floor-related accidents.