Want a Weather-Resistant Home? Here’s What You Should Do

Your home no doubt exists to give you and your loved ones shelter and protection from both natural and man-made factors. However, in order to truly have a home designed for this, you need to make certain it makes use of materials that do not only resist weather but intentional tampering too. This is where cladding comes into place.


High-quality cladding materials act as a rain screen, a type of breathable outer weatherproof material featured in an encapsulation system. Installers layer it above a cavity (such as the insides of walls) so that any water that can penetrate will easily drain away and will not pose moisture issues. Combined with proper ventilation, it considerably decreases the possibilities of condensation.

Practicality and time-saving

The cladding is a favoured construction material in Australia also for its practicality benefits. You can apply cladding as one of the first fix components. Then, during the installation of the electrics, plasterboarding, and plumbing, you can have the technicians install the external cladding as well. This then leads to reduced building time, saving you not only time but money too.

More than just a beautiful facade

You do not apply cladding just to make your home beautiful. All types of high-quality cladding will provide protection from elements. Others come with the bonus of providing additional thermal insulation.

What type of cladding to get?

There are many types of cladding material, but aluminium cladding is one of the most preferred. It features many great characteristics and qualities, including durability, hygienic, low maintenance, recyclable, eco-friendly, and lightweight.

In addition, cladding based on aluminium materials also offer flexibility, versatility and ease of fabrication. It resists termites and other types of pests, according to an expert from Nu-wall Aluminum Cladding. Because of its breathability, you can expect a much lower risk of leaking issues.

All in all, application of cladding, particularly aluminium, should make it to your list of home improvement projects. This will make your home not only beautiful but more functional and weather-resistant too.