Waking up Exhausted in the Morning: What You Should Know

Man just woke up

Sleep is supposed to make you feel rested, refreshed, and energized upon waking up. Unfortunately, this isn’t the reality for many people. What these people struggle with is the fact that they’re feeling more drained and exhausted the moment they wake up.

While there could be many reasons behind this, unrefreshing sleep is often a sign of chronic fatigue.

Waking Up Exhausted

Doctors in Idaho define chronic fatigue as a debilitating disorder characterized by severe tiredness, which can’t be relieved by rest and can’t be explained by an existing health problem. Patients suffering from this condition experience unrefreshing sleep, where even after a full night’s rest can’t shake off the feeling of exhaustion.

People who experience unrefreshing sleep would notice that they’re sleepy all day, almost every day. It’s difficult to concentrate and remember things at work or at school. They’re also more sensitive to pain. If you’ve been suffering from such symptoms, get chronic fatigue help in Boise immediately. Health experts say that each condition is unique, so it’s important to get checked.

The Root of the Problem

There’s no exact cause of unrefreshing sleep, but there are numerous studies showing factors that might contribute to it. Some doctors believe that feeling drained after sleep results from brain wave abnormalities in different stages of sleep. For some, it’s because they lie awake in bed for long periods. But many scientists believe that it’s due to a problem in the autonomic nervous system (ANS).

ANS is responsible for activating the body for fight-or-flight mode (sympathetic nervous system) and rest-and-digest mode (parasympathetic nervous system). So, if there’s a problem in the ANS, it puts you in a state of elevated awareness, which of course, would not help if you’re trying to sleep.

Restful Sleep

Some doctors recommend medications, like narcolepsy drugs or sleep supplement melatonin to address this problem. Some patients take antidepressants or try sleep aids. You may also need to learn a few relaxation techniques and adapt some new sleep habits to help you get some sleep.

Not being able to get the rest you want is just frustrating, if not downright irritating. Talk to your doctor to address chronic fatigue and sleep problems.