Update Your Knowledge on Detergents for Maximum Cleansing and Efficiency

Cleaning materials flat lay

The amazing chemical composition of detergents makes them the perfect cleaning products. While some brands perform more admirably than others do, these cleansing agents share a basic chemistry.

The success of any commercial dishwashers lease such as those provided by firms like bcichem.com – depends largely on their performance, and performance depends in turn on the effectiveness of the products used by the cleaning staff.

Level up cleaning with soda ash

Detergents used at home and in commercial establishments become more reliable with certain additives. Soda ash (calcium carbonate) allows for a more even distribution of the compounds in any cleaning product, particularly in the presence of hard water.

Soda ash is a component in some detergents, functioning mainly as a builder and carrier of surfactant. High-performance detergents for laundry contain soda ash. As an additive, soda ash makes grease and stains removal more efficient, and facilitates pH adjustment by making the solution more alkaline.

Enzymes conserve fibers while cleaning

Some detergents can damage cotton fibers during cleaning. Removal of small surface fibers during washing changes the color and feel of the fabric. With the use of cellulose, an enzyme, there is less damage to the major fibers, which lessens the visually apparent change in the cloth.

Enzymes are beneficial in washing by removing proteins, fats, and certain lipids that are otherwise manageable only in high temperatures. With the help of these enzymes, one may wash clothes and expect dirt removal even without heating the water, or prolonging the period of agitation in the machine.

In effect, enzymes in detergents improve removal of stubborn dirt and impurities with consequent savings in time and cost of utilities. Typically, enzymes compose only a small amount of the detergent available in developed countries today – approximately 1 percent by cost.

Detergents clean your clothes, and you can use it as an all-purpose cleaner, carpet cleaner, moss killer and drain blockage remover. You can also use them to make bubbles your kids can play with. Now you have some ideas on how else you can maximize their use.