Your Unconscious Decision to Damage Your Car Paint

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Car lovers are not called “lovers” for no reason. If you’re one of them, you understand that your car will have to undergo a number of measures that will keep it in its tiptop shape. Despite this, there will always be an oversight. Some car owners fail to notice that there are things that may damage the car without them realizing it.

Here’s a list of some trivial things that may cause significant damage to your car paint in the long run.

Automatic Car Wash

The automatic car wash may be making the cleaning job efficient and faster, but it has some downsides. Some car wash centers use a brush with stiff bristles, which may create scratches on the paint. They may also use abrasive cleaning solutions. Doing the washing yourself is a whole lot safer. You may also consider taking your car to a reliable auto detailing company.

Bird Poop

Contrary to the popular belief, bird poo’s acid won’t cut through the paint. It becomes damaging when the surface is subjected to warm temperatures. When it’s hot, the car paint expands. The same also happens to the bird poo. When the surface cools down, the poo also cools down and gets molded into the surface. When you remove the poo, you may notice some stain on the surface, which will be difficult to remove.


Filling up the gas tank carelessly may harm the paint. This is because gasoline is a corrosive material. It initially leaves a stain, but if you keep on spilling the fuel, it will eventually cut through the paint and start the corrosion process.

These are only some of the things that damage your car paint without you knowing it. Make it a point to perform a routine check-up to spot if there is any stain that is difficult to remove. If there is, take your car to a detailing center.

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