Traveling to Expand Your Artist Experience and Perspective

Much like any other profession, an artist must be willing to learn something new all the time. If you want to challenge yourself, buy yourself a plane ticket out of town. You can then try these unusual and extreme suggestions.

Go to Museums and Libraries – These places and other cultural and historical sites can provide an artist with powerful artistic experiences and inspiration. Get yourself on one of the available cheap South Bend flights, South Bend International Airport suggests. Learn from the masters, take photographs and tours, and meet new people who share the same passion as you. Your plane ticket can be worth more than art classes if you buy discounted.

Go Offline – Sure, there are several videos that explain painting while offering a somewhat interactive experience with your favorite artist. However, art tutorial books aren’t the only material you should consider. During your travel, check for coffee table books, novels, comic books, and even simple pocket books that can provide inspiration. An artist’s imagination is the perfect playground for inspiration.

Watch People – Apart from the books, pictures, and still life that you can see when walking around your city, people can be an excellent subject for your next art project. Find an outdoor cafe table, order a coffee and set up your art materials. Observe your subject’s habits when in motion or at rest. What unique facial features do they have? How does the shape of their body affect their clothes’ movement? Base your paintings on your observations.

Try Something New – Because you feel that’s where your talent lies and are already comfortable with your medium it’s normal to hesitate to deviate. Nevertheless, trying a different brand of paints, technique or even medium can help you gain exciting new insights on your skill. There’s nothing wrong with experimenting and eventually going back to your artistic comfort zone.

An artist of any level must be willing to travel, explore the unknown and enjoy the each new experience. Be willing to find more ideas that are out of your original scope. Hopefully, you can eventually create a new masterpiece and artistic perspective.