Top Pointers for Creating Promo Videos that Drive Sales

Promotional videos are extremely effective for brand awareness. However, they have to be entertaining, educational, engaging, and shareable so that you can convert genuine leads into actual sales. 

Below are some basic pointers from Tinker Taylor for making promo videos for your brand.

Determine your Goals and Call to Actions

Prior to even draughting the script and searching for locations, ensure that you have determined the video’s purpose. Mainly, how you want your audience to feel and what you want your audience to do after watching your promo video.

Collaborate and Outsource Accordingly

If you can do styling and shooting, then, by all means, do them. But if you can’t do the script, storyline, and editing, have other people do these tasks. Put simply, if your team can do specific tasks, do them and if not, then outsource them. 

Specify your Target Market

This is particularly crucial if you have different target markets, or your business offerings are suitable for both B2B and B2C contexts. Targeting a particular market will better refine your script and storyline so that your video will appeal to your target audience.

Add Compelling Qualifiers

A qualifier is essentially an element that will demonstrate the validity of your video’s message. It should show that relevant individuals agree with your message. This can include customer testimonials, relevant statistics, candid footage, or audience reactions.

Create Remarkable Soundbites

This is not only vital for easier memorisation, but for sharing your video online as well, because soundbites could be excellent captions when promoting your video across social media, and are easily shareable, re-tweeted, or re-posted.

Utilise B-Roll and Voiceovers for Increased Authenticity

B-roll is basically candid videography and will ensure that you drive your message home and optimise your budget. This can include footage of your team planning the video, shooting the video, or other interesting behind-the-scenes footage.

Keep in mind that recent surveys found that 4 in 10 people visited a physical or online shop after watching a promo video and that business owners cite a 40% increase in sales after launching promo videos. Whether you’re creating a promo video by yourself (with your immediate team) or getting experts to do it for you, following these pointers will aid in maximising your time and usable footage, while optimising your budget and message.