Top 4 Reasons Your Potted Plants Look Dull

Person Holding a Potted Plant

When you first started, your plants looked strong and healthy, and you were proud to show them off to everyone who cared to look. Now things have changed, and your once gorgeous veggies and flowers now look weak and unsightly. What is happening? You haven’t changed the large copper garden planters they were in. There aren’t any weeds. What could be wrong? Authentic Provence shares some thoughts:

1. There isn’t enough light

Did you move your planters? Then it could be that your plants aren’t receiving enough sunlight like they used to. Plants need sunlight to thrive, and when they aren’t getting it, they become floppy, pale and will eventually die. Move the pot to a spot where the plant will receive at least six full hours of natural light.

2. You’re watering the wrong way

Potted plants need just the right amount of moisture. Too little and the plant starts to shed leaves. Overwatering, on the other hand, leads to the rotting of roots. So if your plants are starting to die, it could be that you’re under watering or overwatering them. Soil needs to be moist, not dry and not wet.

3. You’re over-fertilizing

Sure, you’ve seen to it that your potted plants are receiving nutrients, but could you be overdoing it? You see, too much fertilizer burns the roots of the plants. As water evaporates, leaving solid particles of the fertilizer behind, the roots of the plants suffer. But even if the soil is wet, an over-fertilized plant will still wilt.

4. You’ve neglected your plant

So you went on a vacation and forgot all about your plants? Well, now that you’re back, don’t be shocked to be met by weak looking plants on the verge of death. There was no one to water them while you were away.

Plants can be quite temperamental, so be careful to treat them with tender loving care. If you don’t, they’ll respond by dying on you, literally.