Top 3 Boat Cover Maintenance Tips You Should Know

Some boat cover care and repair tasks can be complicated. And, with inflation skyrocketing, the cost of repairing your boat cover, let alone buying a new one, can be overwhelming. Also, having an amateur handle these repairs can be a risk.

Mistakes are a possibility, and they may translate to many costly damages. For such problems, you will need a specialized gig that can troubleshoot the issues with ease. However, don’t forget that there is a need to spare some bucks to take care of other bills.

Below are some of the vital boat cover DIY care tricks. Take a look.

Avoid exposing it to the sun for too long

Boat covers do come in different materials and colors. UV rays from the sun heavily affect these factors. Fabrics of most boat covers do loosen when they are exposed to the sun and ultimately wear out too fast. This means you have to replace it in short time intervals, which can be costly in the end.

Also, UV rays make your boat cover fade, hence, reducing its appeal.

Keep it clean

Don’t let water, debris, and other materials settle on the top. If you notice such signs, use a bristle brush to sweep them off. For spots and stains, use a recommended cleaning solution and rinse it using lukewarm water.

The use of ordinary soaps breaks the repellent aspect of your canvas, allowing mold and mildew to grow and destroy the fabric.

Use strong straps to secure it on the boat

It’s not just your custom bass boat cover that is damaged when the stretching in and out is allowed. The finish on your boat is also altered. Therefore, it’s important to secure it on the boat firmly. Make sure it doesn’t move however strong sea waves can be.

In as much as they may be expensive, heavy-duty tie-down straps can best do the trick.

Boat and boat cover maintenance can be sometimes costly. However, there are some simple but critical ways to keeping their maintenance costs as low as possible.