Tooth Fairy Fun: Dispelling Early Childhood Dental Fears

Dental Fear in Salt Lake City

The tooth fairy has always appealed to children, much like Santa Claus and the Easter Bunny. The idea of a tutu-clad lady sneaking into a room and leaving money underneath the pillow in exchange for a tooth is one of the fun traditions that make childhood so magical.

On a more practical note, keeping the tooth tradition alive is important because it helps kids learn about oral hygiene and dispel their early childhood dental fears. Using the tooth fairy is a great way to add a fun twist to dental care — kids might just pick up some lessons from their fairy friend along the way.

Losing Teeth Isn’t Scary at All

Kids will begin losing their baby teeth before they turn seven years old. This could be a scary experience, especially when it’s their first tooth. The idea of magical fairy tooth collector, however, that gives goodies in exchange for a tooth can help ease their fears about losing their teeth and help them look forward to gaining adult teeth.

Teeth should be Kept Sparkly and Clean

The idea of the tooth fairy can help develop good dental habits in children. By reminding their children that the tooth fairy wants pretty teeth, not those with cavities or in bad condition, parents could have an easier time convincing their children to brush their teeth regularly, eat fewer sweets, and care about the general state of their oral health.

Visit the Dentist at Least Once a Year

Reinforcing a positive outlook, with a little help from the tooth fairy tradition, can help kids appreciate how the dentist makes their teeth cleaner and healthier. The regular practice of dental hygiene can also make visits to the dentist less scary for children. This way, kids will see the dentist as a friend, much like how they see the tooth fairy.

Teaching kids about the tooth fairy is a time-honored tradition that can help instill good oral habits at a young age. More than teaching kids about proper dental care, however, families should also find a good pediatric dentist that most kids would be comfortable with. Families living in Sugarhouse may want to find a children’s dentist willing to talk to children about the tooth fairy as well. After all, something as light-hearted as a magical fairy can go a long way in helping kids maintain a happier, healthier smile.