Tips for Preparing Your Home for Guests

Backyard barbeque grill

No homeowner would want to turn away guests at the door. It could be a friend you haven’t seen in years or a relative dropping by. You have time to clean up and make the house presentable if they made plans with you, but if it’s a surprise visit, you’ll feel ambushed if the house isn’t ready to entertain.

There’s no knowing when someone will drop by for a visit, so it’s better to be prepared. These should help prepare your house for guests anytime:

Backyard barbeque grill

You can’t always have food prepared for guests to eat immediately, but you can turn their visit into a celebration by cooking food with them. It’ll be easier to manage with barbeque grills, so you can take them outside if your kitchen is messy. Barbeques are perfect because they can be a bit messy to prepare, but they taste good. They also allow some time to talk and catch up while the meat is cooking.

Sofa beds or futons

If it’s getting late, visiting family members may want to stay for the night. There’s always the option to have them share a room with you or your children, but if you have a sofa bed or a futon, you’ll not have to give up your privacy. That also means they don’t have to see the clutter in your room.


Guests won’t ask for snacks directly, but you should have something to offer while waiting for lunch. Be a good host and have chips or finger food to serve. These are inexpensive, and you can easily store them in the pantry or fridge. Even fresh fruits can be a great snack.

There’s a lot riding on your ability to host guests at such short notice. A few changes around the house can go a long way.