Three Important Characteristics of Doors

Wooden front door

Everywhere you go, you are likely to encounter a door. And the funny thing is that we’ve gotten so used to them that we barely stop to consider their relevance. For, they are critical to security in particular. Because of this, it is important a consideration, especially for businesses.

From materials to commercial grade hinges, here are three of the most important considerations when it comes to doors that you need to mind when it comes to security.

1. Materials

For residential doors, materials are an easy consideration. They are most often made from wood or a synthetic analogue. For commercial doors, it is more important to be discerning regarding what type of material you are going to get.

After all, security and durability are at a premium and most wood just does not cut the grade. Steel is a great option for its strength and durability, but it can put a strain on the hinges that hold the door in place.

2. Hinges

Speaking of commercial grade hinges, it is absolutely critical that they are of the strongest quality materials that you can get. This is especially true if you’re getting steel.

Hinges are under constant strain when the doors are open and, over the years, this strain can cause the hinges to weaken and eventually give. This means that the door can collapse under the strain after a while. This can cause injury and even compromise the security of your commercial property.

3. Locks

Finally, you should also ensure the locks on your door are highly secure. The standard tumbler lock has long been the go-to lock for many a door since time immemorial. There is nothing wrong, of course, with depending on what is already reliable — provided that what you get is commercial grade.

You can also depend on more modern electronic locks for added security. However, it is also critical that you consider the strength of the lock and the dependability of the manufacturer.

Take these three considerations to heart, and you can be sure that your commercial door is strong and secure.