Think of the Child: Settling Custody Matters in Georgia

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There are times when divorce is the best option for a couple who cannot resolve their problems any longer. This can make it easier to regain peace and get a new start in life for both parties. This cannot be a good situation for any child, however. Children need the presence of both parents, unless proven that either one of them is unfit for the responsibility.

Not all parents are the same, however, which makes each situation unique. It’s best to discuss matters with a custody lawyer, so you can find out what legal actions are suitable for your circumstances. This will let you find out how the law works in the state where you filed.

Child Custody in Georgia

As in other states, the best interests of the child form the main principle in Georgia’s custody regulations. If you get primary custody, then you’ll be responsible for your child’s everyday needs. You’ll also get a certain amount of financial support from your former spouse.

There are some instances, however, when the other parent refuses to agree with the visitation schedule or fails to provide proper support. When situations like these happen, you might have to reopen negotiations with the courts in Georgia to modify the arrangement. A lawyer practicing custody law in Atlanta can help you with the proceedings to protect your child’s welfare.