These Fresh, Trending Ideas Will Spice Up Your Wedding

Modern Bride

Check a search engine for wedding ideas and you’ll get a boatload of great results. To help you out, here’s a list of the hottest wedding ideas today. This list will inspire you as you put together the wedding of a lifetime.

Take a Gentle Journey to the Past

“Vintage” is probably the easiest theme to build a Pinterest board for. With the resurgence of styles from days past, a vintage wedding can bring transport guests to a more glamorous time.

Planning a vintage-inspired wedding can be an eye-opening experience. Pairing art deco with gentle colors is a great way to go. Hollywood’s Golden Age is a goldmine for inspiration. Quick hack: book a vintage ride to bring you to the venue.

Going Back to the Country

While vintage pays homage to eras past, going rustic is all about being in touch with your roots. Warm and gentle colors can be paired with country elements to create a homey feel. A rustic theme will be a perfect fit for autumn weddings.

Being rustic is about getting back to the basics so try to integrate natural fibers like hemp strings and branches to your venue design.

Get Creative with Your Design Elements

Instead of just having flowers as centerpieces, think out of the box and build them from scratch. Use bell jars, sandboxes and other unusual materials for a more interesting design to your tables. While you’re at it, think about using unlikely materials for interior decoration.

Party and event needs providers are noticing this trend and following suite; many have started carrying more unique choices. In Minneapolis where outdoor weddings are common, for example, finding unique trinkets, such as Moroccan lamps isn’t much of a challenge.

Add Custom Cocktails

This is the olive in the martini. For an easy unique touch, ask bartenders (or yourself), to create a custom his or hers cocktail. The guests who are looking forward to the open bar will be happy to know they’ll get to try something new. At the very least, creating a drink can be a fun break from the wedding planning for a couple.

Not everyone has the budget to hire a wedding planner. If you’re doing the planning on your own, with the help of dear friends and family, you have the chance to make your wedding unique and customized just for you.