The Working Woman: Looking Fashionable and Professional at the Office

In a popular 80’s movie called “Big Business”, Bette Midler’s arrogant executive character crossly berates one of her female employees with the statement, “Is that how we dress for the office? You look like a blood clot!” Well, here are a few pointers for you to improve your look and avoid being called out by your boss.

Simplify Your Make-Up – Not even if you work the night shift should you wear heavy makeup to the office. Nude, fresh or light make-up can project a more professional but appealing look fitted for staff or middle-management positions. You may have to upgrade with a little more color if you have an executive position but do not overdo the “bossy” look.

Straight and Clean- Cut Fashion – Professional looks can vary over the years and fashion design eras. However, there are the standard office designs that have been used by generations of women workers. Aim for clean lines, solid colors and straight-cut designs that still follow modern fashion. It won’t do to look too “vintage” no matter how smart the outfit looks.

Unpretentious Jewelry – Purchase a few pieces of Forever Brilliant Moissanite jewelry from, preferably a set, with simple designs. Moissanite is as aesthetically appealing as diamonds, but does not cost as much so it’s a very good investment for any working girl. And don’t forget a smart-looking watch that can match your jewelry pieces and overall style.

Smart but Practical Footwear – No matter how good looking those high heels are, make sure they are comfortable enough to wear while climbing stairs or walking down the street. If possible get comfortable but fashionable footwear that you can use to run with the workload rush. But don’t forget that you should always look good in your shoes.

In an industry that looks at your performance and your looks as a basis for promotion, you would need to be aware of both aspects of your game. Look at your fashion purchases as well-spent investments instead of just fashion requirements. Besides, if they make you look great, then they truly are good buys.