The Wonders of Floating Wood Stairs

A flight of wooden stairs

The impression of a staircase floating in mid-air would make you feel like a god or a goddess climbing up on Mt. Olympus. Or to be more realistic, that feeling of pride walking on your very own floating wood stairs like the elegant and stylish ones you see in Hollywood films or some hotels and offices.

The Elegance of a Floating Wood Stairs

Let us face it; any type of stairs adds beauty to any space. So, what makes the floating wood stairs ahead of them all?

This type of stairs has a unique design whether it is helical, a quarter turn, or a spiral staircase. Most do not have an architectural support under them. The popular ones are those having their one side unsupported. That’s not all, the possibilities of crafting your dream floating stairs are varied. People choose to have this design because it is minimalist, stylish and elegant.

Why are Floating Wooden Steps Elegant?

The material on your stairs is as significant as the design and shape you choose. That is because the stairs become the focal point and an essential part of your architecture. When you opt for floating wooden steps as your accent piece, it becomes the highlight of your home’s interior design.

Traditional and classical mansions have staircases made of wood because they exude elegance. They always stand out. If they are floating steps, they become even more stunning; therefore enhancing the look of your space.

The natural ability of wood stairs to add warmth makes your home a welcoming, sophisticated abode. The meeting of traditional steps made of wood and the contemporary design of “floating” in mid-air will definitely provide a home fit for gods and goddesses