The Unlikely Foe: Is Your Baby in Danger?


It is extremely alarming, isn’t it? You wouldn’t imagine your baby in danger when she’s in her crib covered in comfy sheets. However, the American Academy of Pediatrics reveals a lot of parents place their babies in dangerous sleep surroundings.

The Troubling Discovery

The researchers released a report regarding recorded videos of over 160 babies asleep. They put cameras in homes and documented it for three nights, when the baby was a month old, then three months old, and another one after six months.

They discovered around 91 percent of babies only a month old are in danger of having sleep-related deaths. Items that may cause this are sleep positioners, stuffed animals, pillows, bumper beds, and loose blankets. Parents should be more careful when getting products to their young ones. Ensure that it’s safe, like bamboo bedding.

In addition, around 14 percent of infants were placed incorrectly in their cribs. Parents put them on their stomach or their sides rather than on their backs. These actions might accidentally cause strangulation or suffocation.

The research even discovered that about 28 percent of one-month-old infants were transferred to a different sleeping place. The problem is, most of these places are unsafe, like sofas, swings, car seats, or adult beds. The change also led to more risks of babies placed down incorrectly.

The Researcher’s Recommendations

Dr. Ian M. Paul, one of the authors of the study, says the essential thing to remember is that the sleeping place must only include the baby and what he is wearing. The nation’s health protection agency suggests parents should skip decorating the crib because it will be safer if there is little to nothing surrounding the baby. They say it will be safer to add items to the crib once the infant is 12 months old.

There are around 3,500 infants dying because of sleep-related causes. Parents should do everything they can to keep their babies safe.