The Truth, Pain, Satisfaction and Regrets of Getting a Tattoo

artist dipping tattoo machine in ink

Tribal symbols. A form of rebellion. Body art. Tattoos have made their way through the society on a bumpy road. Here’s what the world of tattoos looks like in a nutshell:


Tattoos have been around for over 12,000 years and have different uses, depending on the culture of those getting one. Some use it for healing, religious worship, symbols of social status, level of beauty, and even as a form of punishment. But today, tattoos can come as easy as having your ears pierced or your nails done.


The Utah Dermatologic & Medical Procedures Clinic and other experts explain that 60 percent of those who get tattoos regret them after 6 months. Back in the day getting a tattoo was a dead-end deal. The only way to have it removed was to burn or cut the skin deep enough to reach the dermis (the second layer of skin) where the ink lies.

But thanks to modern technology, those who regret getting inked can now have their tattoo removed through laser treatment.


If you ask those who already have a few numbers on their body, they would say that the pain of getting a tattoo is what makes the experience complete. Tattoos usually start with the outline of the design. This means using only one needle to make the fine lines, making it the most painful part of the process.

If the tattoo requires shading, several needles are used together to get the color in. This can easily numb the skin and lessen the pain.


While some find their satisfaction from the pain itself, most inked ones get off on seeing the final piece of art, which won’t be fully visible until the tattoo heals. Tattoos are wounds made with ink. They need at least one week of itching, scabbing, and peeling off before you can actually see the final art on your skin. Some people love the whole process of getting hurt, caring for a wound, and seeing it heal. It’s different for everyone.

Tattoos are now more accepted than they were a decade before and that’s a good thing. It’s also now easier to accept that getting inked isn’t for everyone. And thanks to lasers, you can even get your ex-boyfriend’s name off your wrist to let go of that bad experience and memory. The final word is that tattoos are commitments. You need to make sure your reasons to get one now would remain the same when you’re old and still inked.