The Singapore Experience: Rising from the Doubt to Certainty

Math and KidsThe world considers Singaporean kids as among the best in reading, math and science when they ranked 2nd during the triennial Programme for International Assessment (Pisa) results. Its schools have become global role models for setting the standards in producing the best students.

Questioning the Country’s Creativity

Regardless of its good educational reputation, it has its own share of detractors – those who question Singapore’s creativity. Apple co-founder, Steve Wozniak, questions the lacking of creative soul among Singaporeans. Dr.Kirpal Singh, an internationally acclaimed Singaporean poet and fictionist, also sees that creative thinking is the one thing missing in the country. He advises young Singaporeans to delve more into creative thinking by changing their mindsets and becoming more original, engaging more in brainstorming, stimulating curiosity and promoting divergence.

The Move Towards Creative Thinking

Creativity is the key to success. Holding on to this, the Singaporean government took an initiative on how it can cultivate the creative inclination of its people. Among which are:

The release of the preschool curriculum framework in 2012 by the Ministry of Education, which focuses on the holistic development of each child. Each is nurtured holistically through various learning areas with Aesthetics and Creative Expression on top of the list. The other areas are Discovery of the World, Language and Literacy, Motor Skills Development, Numeracy and Social and Emotional Development;

Integration of Humanities and the Arts with Social Studies, Art and Music in preschool, primary, secondary and in all levels of education;

Implementation of a range of enrichment programs from makes student learning more enjoyable and meaningful;
Initiative of the Legislative Council with development of creative industries in Singapore;

Aiming to become a creative hub in Asia, the country continuously aspires to be a creative city by focusing on its creative people, infrastructure development, cultural and creative industries.

Its unprecedented rise from doubt to certainty in terms of creativity is what makes Singapore among the global leaders.

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