The Role of Play in Regulating Your Child’s Emotions

Children With Balls

Play and sport are great physical activities that help children regulate their emotions. Every child develops behavioural challenges, but playing strengthens their self-regulation skills and ability to normally respond to their environment. One way to support your child’s emotional development is by providing opportunities to play.

What is Self-Regulation?

Self-regulation is basically a skill that we all develop gradually throughout childhood. Kids who had little opportunity for self-regulation might develop mentally and socially inappropriate behaviour. This is why parents should be extra careful when supervising their children.

If you punish your child for crying, it will send a wrong signal and confuse your child more. Though kids develop this skill naturally, their environment pretty much influences the learning. There are many ways you can teach your child to regulate emotions without reprimanding him or her.

The Role of Play and Sport

Playing is a great way to support a child’s growth and promote his or her emotional and social well-being. Playing, just like reading or riding a bike, is an active way of learning how to maintain levels of arousal and choose appropriate responses. Physical activity also stimulates the mind and teaches children to accomplish a certain task or obstacle and use the self-regulation needed for it.

Withdrawing Assistance

As a parent, there will come a point where you must withdraw your support or assistance to increase your child’s ability to act independently. Enrolling your child in a team sport or simply taking him or her to the park to play with other children will offer great opportunities for self-regulation. BOUNCE, a company that offers unique party venues for kids, incorporates challenges and obstacles to help them develop constructive rather than impulsive behaviours while at play.

Children who develop excellent self-regulation skills grow up into more focused, hardworking and thoughtful adults. They are better at resolving conflicts, overcoming life’s hurdles, and controlling their emotions. You should give importance to play time just as much as study time.