The Right Size of Bed for You and Your Partner

Girl on a mattress

Comfort is the key to getting a good slumber. This goes beyond your sheets, pillows, pajamas, and room temperature. The size of your bed or mattress matters too, especially if you share the bed with someone else. This is to avoid discomfort or significant disturbances while you’re in deep sleep. It is important to pick the right one that meets your specific needs.

King Mattress

This gives you and your partner an ample personal space (about 38 inches), while also offering enough room to snuggle or cuddle. King mattress stores in Salt Lake City note that this allows you to have a restful sleep, because of the additional width or comfort it brings. If you suffer from a joint condition, for instance, a king-sized mattress will let you lie on your back, without the worry of disturbing your partner.

Queen Mattress

This is the most common size of bed/mattress for most couples. It gives you and your partner around 30 inches of sleeping and personal space. This provides enough comfort, as well as the opportunity for cuddling or lying in bed closer. If you and your partner don’t experience any disturbances in sleeping close together, a queen-sized mattress is a good option.

Twin Mattress

It is not always common for couples to sleep separately, but there are still those who prefer this setup. If this is the same for you, two twin mattresses or beds are a good option. A twin mattress is also ideal if your partner’s sleep issues (snoring, tossing and turning) negatively affect your own slumber. Research suggests that when one spouse has a sleep problem, the other spouse is likely to experience sleep disturbances.

Before choosing a mattress, consider your and your partner’s needs and preferences. If you like physical closeness, a queen-sized mattress is the right choice. If you, however, value extra comfort and extra sleeping space, choose a king mattress. Twin beds, on the other hand, are perfect if both of you prefer having your own bed.