The Pursuit of Health Can be Dangerous

Person preparing food

Orthorexia is a relatively new eating disorder, unlike anorexia nervosa, bulimia, and binge-eating disorder. Orthorexia is not solely about not gaining weight; it’s an attempt to perfect a healthy diet, restricting their food intake to avoid dairy, preservatives, and even sugars. They may spend too much time reading labels and researching the perfect diet.

Any act that is obsessive or compulsive in nature is not healthy for the body–even if your goal is to be healthy. Here are healthy things to do to get the body you desire:

Get Help

Kansas City residents are no stranger to patients with an eating disorder. There are those who are stick-thin, denying they have anorexia even as they look into the mirror and complain about their weight gain. There are also those who may seem to have a healthier weight, but secretly purge the food they have binged on.

More people are talking about eating disorders; EDCare encourages patients not be afraid to get help.

Start an Exercise Routine

Adding exercise into your routine helps you burn excess calories, helping you stop purging or seeking a perfect diet. Though it is not easy to just stop the unhealthy eating habit, seeing the effects of exercise on your body–giving you a healthier weight without leaving you weak and listless–will help you gain confidence in your new lifestyle.

Talk to a dietician about the appropriate diet when you are working out, so you don’t seem like you’re replacing one disorder with another. After all, excessive exercising may also be a sign of bulimia.

Even if you think the goal is health, the way to it should not compromise your safety. There are better ways to get your ideal body type. Talk to experts about managing eating disorders now.