The Monster Bride: Don’t Be a Bridezilla

In an effort to make their wedding nothing short of perfect, it is normal for some brides to make ridiculous demands on friends and families, or even throw tantrums when things didn’t go their way. If you’re planning to take wedding matters in your own hands, it is important not to go overly crazy about it. You need to learn to establish your limits to avoid turning into a monster bride or a bridezilla.

Here are a few suggestions to avoid your monster bride tendencies:

Don’t Crash Diet

It is perfectly understandable that you want to look good on your wedding, but it is never advisable to purchase a dress that is too small for you. If you’re hoping that the dress would fit you later on, you may be tempted to go on a strict diet, exercise more often or even cancel dinner dates with your future husband. Avoid the dress drama; choose a gown that fits your current size and a style that flatters your shape.

Stick to Your Budget

One good way to avoid to becoming a bridezilla is setting your limits in wedding planning. Set budget or financial limits for the wedding dress, car, venue, cake, and others to avoid overspending. You don’t have to be tight, but don’t spend more than what you’re willing to. You also need to schedule a time on looking at dresses and deciding which wedding hair and makeup to choose, recommends.

Don’t be a Control Freak

It is common for most brides to micromanage every detail of the wedding. Avoid being a control freak and learn to listen and value your friends’ or your fiancé’s suggestion. Always consider their ideas and get assistance if you’re confused in making a decision. It is also best to delegate important wedding duties to the people you trust the most to make the entire planning a little less stressful.

Don’t Compete with Others

It is never a good idea to pursue an extravagant celebration just to compete with a friend, a sister or other brides. Keep in mind that a memorable wedding is not about having an expensive wedding gown or inviting more guests. Plan for a wedding that meets your and your partner’s budget and standards. Your wedding is a union of love, not a demonstration of how much you can afford.

Planning for a wedding is already stressful, so don’t make it even more stressful by turning into a bride monster. Enjoy the experience of planning and don’t neglect your fiancé, especially in wedding matters that he wants to be involved in.