The Many and Varied Uses of Poly Tanks

People use poly tanks in various industries, which include pharmaceutical, agricultural, oil and gas, water, and waste treatment. Poly water tanks are made from either rotational moulding or the plastic welding process. Rapid Plas explains that polyethene tanks come in a wide range of colours, shapes, and sizes to suit different homes and businesses. Here are a few uses of poly tanks.

Storage of Liquids

Irrigation and firefighting require a steady supply of massive amounts of water. Poly water tanks offer an ideal option for water storage especially in dry areas where harvesting rainwater is critical to ensuring a steady water supply. The biggest tanks are used to store thousands of litres of water making them an ideal option in farms where a constant supply of clean water is needed. They are also used to store industrial chemicals and chemical waste. You should know that not all chemicals can be stored in poly tanks because some chemicals can react with the tank.

Transportation of Substances

Most people shop for tanks for use in liquid transport. These can range from industrial waste, water, and oil to agricultural products like milk. Many are designed to carry up to 12lbs per gallon of liquid. Heavy weight models can carry up to 16lbs per gallon. There are utility, horizontal and rectangular tanks available. They are designed with an improved centre of gravity to prevent accidents. Your choice of poly tank design and weight will depend on the transport means you are using and the amount of substance you intend to carry.

The seamless construction of poly tanks provides them with greater impact strength making transportation and storage easier. These tanks also have superior resistance to rust, corrosion and fuel additives compared to traditional models. They are a cost effective storage option and are readily available. Visit your local supplier to for advice on the best type for your needs.