The Key Considerations in Suffolk County Divorce


Divorce can be long, drawn-out legal experience not just for the couple involved, but also for the family. In this regard, various states in the country have been revolutionizing divorce as we know it.

Countless measures as well as amendments in the law have been put in place in order to cope with the changing times. gives the following considerations in filing a divorce in Suffolk County:

Mediation as a key to harmonious separation

In Suffolk County, mediation is a key process to reach a proper settlement. Divorce in the usual sense may become adversarial as it progresses. With mediation, the parties come together on their own terms with their own consultants and legal counsels.

They are able to settle the important matters depending on their agreement. This paves the way for a more efficient resolution of the divorce.

Mutual accounting and settlement of properties for beneficiaries

One of the more difficult aspects of divorce is the accounting and separation of assets. It is one of the processes that can take the longest amount of time during a divorce.

In allowing for a mutual accounting and settlement as assisted by experienced divorce lawyers, as well as accounting and tax consultants, the couple may avoid one of the more difficult aspects of divorce.

No-fault divorce and what it means

New York State has its own version of a no-fault divorce wherein parties can come together to file for a divorce in mutual agreement. In this case, the matter ceases to be adversarial and the aspect of collusion that usually leads to a disqualification of the petition becomes a non-issue.

These are some of the key considerations in getting a divorce in Suffolk County. Before filing a case, though, make sure that you consult with a highly-experienced divorce attorney. Getting sound advice may mean the difference between dealing with a lot of issues, or having a relatively easier process.

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