The Karate Kid: Raising Healthy Children with Martial Arts

Martial Arts In Highlands Ranch

Like the things TV and movies don’t get right—except for the 2010 Karate Kid film, that is—martial arts is not a violent pastime at all. It’s actually the opposite. Here are some reasons why your child should take up martial arts:

  • Instilling Self-Discipline and Focus – From following rules to proper technique, martial arts will aid in instilling mental focus and discipline in your child.
  • Promoting Physical Activity – Aside from ensuring that your child stays healthy and fit, martial arts will also inspire a child to do their best at everything they set out to do.
  • Teaching Teamwork and Social Skills – Some kids who aren’t used to socializing will find it much easier to do so when left in an environment where kids share a mutual interest. Martial art forms with a partner like jiu-jitsu will likewise promote camaraderie.
  • Learning How to Set and Accomplish Goals – Majority of martial art forms are based on an achievement system signified by colored belts that represent skill level. A child working to earn that next belt will learn life lessons on setting and realizing goals.
  • Fostering Respect – Regardless of which martial art a child chooses, they will have to show respect to their instructors and classmates. In fact, instructors teaching kids martial arts classes in Highlands Ranch and other parts of Colorado say that they even learn to respect the art itself.
  • Developing Self-Esteem – Self-confidence is often linked to achievements and with every move a child masters and with each belt a child earns, the child also gets a confidence boost.
  • Resolving Conflicts the Right Way – Violence is only in movies and television. As a matter of fact, one of the main lessons in martial arts is to never use what you’ve learned in class to fight with others.

Bottom line—majority of children could and will benefit from learning martial arts, as the benefits of their training will extend way beyond the dojo. They’ll carry what they’ve learned at home and in school, and all the way to adulthood.