The Incredibly Amazing Ski Resorts in the US

Skiing Vacation in Vail

Seeking the ultimate cold thrills on a heady skiing vacation? Want to explore the epic steeps, and adrenaline soaring verticals in a languid atmosphere? This article brings you some of the country’s best skiing resorts that are not just about action-packed winter sports, but also charming natural terrains, friendly locals, a buzzing nightlife and plenty of recreational options.

Vail, CO

With topography boasting of 350 inches of snow annually and 193 trails spread across 5,200 acres of snow mass, there’s little wonder that this charming Swiss village-like resort is a sought-after place by skiers of all levels. Add a few upscale restaurants, plenty of shops and environmentally responsible tourism, and this lure of this popular ski resort is hard to resist. Take instructions from experts in skiing and snowboarding. Also, don’t forget to hire gear from a ski rental shop and go adventure snow hopping, says

Deer Valley, UT

An exclusive ski resort that also hosted the 2002 Winter Games, it features 300 snow inches annually, 2000 acres of ski terrain and 3,000 feet vertical drops. It is has been prepped up with an advanced quad life and a greater snowmaking power, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The plush resort is celebrated for its well-groomed vibe, stylish restaurants, and luxurious spas. If you’re looking for some good, old pampering with a dash of winter sporting action, head straight to Deer Valley’s manicured confines.

Sun Valley, ID

The oldest ski resort in America, Sun Valley features immaculately beautiful slopes spread across over 2,000 acres. The resort is preferred by those looking for smaller crowds away from the hype of the more touristy ski towns. Sun Valley houses some of the country’s top Nordic trails and mountain dining options. The average snowfall may not be as impressive as other ski resorts, but the cable car rides up fancy mountain restaurants for delectable meals amidst the alpine landscape more than makes up for it.

Having a rich and varied winter topography allows the United States to house several adventure packed and stunningly beautiful ski resorts. From Vail to Deer Valley to Sun Valley, these enjoyable ski resorts are filled with some thrilling ski activities, in addition to dining, wellness and other recreational options.