The Importance of Obstetrical Care in Childbirth

There’s a lot of information that a pregnant woman needs to know about giving birth. These include labor, delivery, and postpartum care.

Your doctor of obstetrics in Provo can help you understand, address, or avoid different childbirth concerns. The obstetrician will also do the following:

Determine When the Woman Is in Labor

The obstetrician knows and interprets signs that a pregnant woman is going into labor. Among the signs is when the “water breaks” or when the sac around the fetus ruptures, releasing a watery substance. Contractions don’t always mean you are approaching labor. They sometimes happen within a few weeks before labor.

Recommend Induced Labor When Necessary

There are cases when induced labor is necessary. These include:

  • When there are complications due to high-risk factors, such as preeclampsia, hypertension, gestational diabetes, abnormal bleeding, or heart disease
  • The fetus is at risk of not getting enough oxygen and nutrients
  • If the pregnancy exceeds 42 weeks
  • If the water breaks, and labor does not happen within 24-48 hours

Administer Pain Relief

The obstetrician gives two types of pain-relief medications during labor: anesthetics and analgesics. Anesthetics block all sensations, including pain. Analgesics relieve pain without complete loss of muscle movement or feeling.

Decide if C-Section Is Necessary

C-section or cesarean delivery may sometimes be necessary due to many factors. These factors will determine if the mother can deliver via a normal vaginal birth. If not, the mother will have a cesarean delivery.

Postpartum Care

A new mom undergoes emotional and physical changes. Postpartum care involves caring for the new mother right after giving birth. This continues for the next 6 weeks. Obstetrical services in the hospital involve the management of any complications that develop. These include hypertension, hemorrhage, infection, opening of incisions, blood clots, or breast problems. If the mother goes through postpartum depression, the obstetrician will refer the mother to the appropriate doctor.

Childbirth is both a difficult and exciting time for a woman. The mother must get all the support she needs to have a safe and successful delivery.