The Breath Code: Dos and Don’ts of Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a serious deal breaker. As such, you want someone important to you know that their breath smells a little bit off. Yes, it could hurt them, but it would save them from this embarrassing mouth problem that they are probably not aware of.

You don’t have to wait for a dentist in Sioux Falls to tell your close friend they have halitosis. You can show how deeply you are concerned with them by telling them the problem yourself.

But, remember that bad breath is an embarrassing problem for them as it is for you. So, never tell someone they have bad breath if:

  • You are not Personally Close to the Person

Telling someone you met randomly that they have bad breath is morally unappealing. Besides, telling that to someone who you do not associate with regularly is pointless. Breath MD pointed out a research that says most people would want a friend or a family member to tell them they have bad breath instead of a coworker or an acquaintance.

  • It Is Temporary

Spicy foods, medications, and sickness may all cause temporary bad breath. You may also have temporary bad breath waking up in the morning.

  • You are in Public

You don’t want someone telling you that you have bad breath in public, so never attempt to do this huge ethical fail to other people.

  • The Person Couldn’t Do Anything about It

Imagine telling your friend she has bad breath at the start of a girl’s night out where she can’t brush her teeth, or even gargle a mouthwash. Do you think she will have the confidence to go around and mingle? Instead of ruining her night, try offering a piece of gum or a mint.

Telling someone they have bad breath requires carefully chosen words, and an empathetic, loving tone of voice and body language to show that you are not in any way demeaning the person. Even as the truth hurts, you don’t have to tell it in a hurtful manner, right?

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