The Bad Millennial Boss: How You Can Spot Them

Nobody is perfect, not even the boss who gives you the much-coveted promotions and paycheck. You and your colleagues know this better than anyone else, and you try to adjust your responses based on their temperament, to bridge the generation and occupational gap. But, what if your boss is a millennial like you, and outperforms everyone in terms of underperformance? How do you spot them?

Snappy Bullies

Employment laws in New Zealand and elsewhere in the world have a lot to say about bad employees and managers, but they do not indicate an age limit because bad behaviour has virtually nothing to do with age.

If your dad’s cranky 55-year-old boss constantly complains of the young newbie’s incompetence at work, your 25-year-old boss may do the same. A bad boss is a bad boss, and a millennial just happens to have different ways and means of over-exercising their powers. Instead of giving you a lengthy scolding session or shouting match, a complaining millennial boss will take the passive-aggressive approach and make it a point to call you out for the smallest mistakes.

They will embarrass you, and do so with pizazz. They will make you look and feel like you do not belong. They bring high school drama back.

Inappropriate Frenemies

Another type of BMB is the opposite of the bully. They make friends with everyone in the workplace, in and out of Facebook. At first glance, they may look like the cool manager you can be buddies with, and that may be true. But, they do not know when to get serious, especially when it comes to work.

They may spend hours updating their Facebook status instead of checking up on the company’s. When cracks on the output start to show, they will blame it on someone other than themselves. They also have a habit of turning their office into the office, and they think they can get away with it because they are the boss.

Bad millennial bosses can be tricky to uncover, because they tend to be two-faced, low-key bullies. If you are working for one, do not hesitate to call them out for their behaviour. They may be young and powerful, but they do not have the license to act lousily.