Take it Personally: Custom Gift Ideas for Your Loved Ones

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Admit it, it is hard to look for the perfect present for your loved ones — your mum, dad, siblings, even your other half, even though you have known them for years and decades. You know what they want and what they need, but one thing that concerns you the most is giving them a unique present — one that has not been given to them by anyone before, and one that would give them that sense of exclusivity.

Cups, desk sets, and other bits and pieces are things you would most likely think about when giving gifts to these gift-worthy people. Common gifts sound bland and lacking. Adding a personal touch, though, would turn an average gift into something more meaningful.

Starting from the cheapest to the most expensive, here are some personalised gift ideas:

Personalised Photo Key Rings

Key rings cost around £1 to £10. Cheap, yes, but some photo moments are too much valuable to have them stay hanging on the wall. Make sure to put meaningful photos inside the key ring. Let your loved ones carry the images with them everywhere they go.

Customised Shirts

Think about how your loved one would react if you gave them a personalised shirt of their own with their favourite song lyrics, a photo of themselves, or even their name on it. More than the joy of receiving such a unique gift, your loved one would also be thankful of the fact that it is a useful piece of fabric, made not only to display, but worn.

If you plan to give customised shirts to many of your friends as gifts, consider calling a printing service company, as bulk t-shirt printing costs less. You can even use these as giveaways for just any kind of event. Many bulk t-shirt printing in UK, such as Fire Label Merchandising Ltd., offer bulk rates for customers who order at least 25 shirts.

Custom-Engraved Silver Necklace

More than photo key rings and shirts, silver necklaces can stand the test of time. This sophisticated gift suits just about any person, male or female, young or old. Purchase personalised necklaces from jewellers. The great thing here is that necklaces cannot just be engraved with names; they can also be engraved with photos, and even birthstones for the perfect sophisticated gift your loved ones will surely love.

Key rings, custom printed shirts, and necklaces are only three of the endless list of personalised gift ideas. There are many more, you just have to be creative. Think out of the box, and you will find the perfect gift made with love for your mum, dad, and friends.