Take 5 Safety: How to Go About It


In our world today, there’s so much importance placed on doing things as quickly as possible. While this isn’t a bad thing, doing things too fast and failing to think things through can lead to accidents. This is why practicing safety measures and using safety equipment are important things to consider.

Even without accidents, not having proper procedures can also lead to inconvenient incidents that could delay the completion of a job. Authorities recommend using the Take 5 Safety approach to minimise accidents to promote a safer work environment.

Here are some examples of how Take 5 Safety can make doing a task safer:


Before you even start, think about what you have to do. Let’s say you need to buy things for someone and you need to go to different places. Do you know what you need to buy from each of those shops? Do you have everything you need, like money or credit cards? Which transport will you use to get to the shops quickly and safely?


Check if there are any hazards that would prevent you from doing your task safely and efficiently. In the case of your errand, possible hazards are pathways under construction, a hole in your shopping bag, flat tyres on your bicycle and others.


Think about what these hazards would do to you, your task, and the other people who are involved in your task. In the example of running an errand, the pathways under construction would force you to take other paths. The hole in your bag might lead to you losing what you bought. The flat tyres, if unchecked, might lead to an accident.


This step is where you do something to make sure those hazards don’t do the damage they could potentially do. You could quickly find another route to your stops, fix or replace your shopping bag and fill your bicycle tyres with air.


After doing all of the above, you can now proceed to doing what you need to do, in this case, buy things. Since you prepared, you can be sure that you are now safer than you were before you stopped to think about your task.

Taking the time to do these simple steps with any task you are going to do will help reduce the chance of accidents or any other unfavourable incidents happening. Remember being aware is important in whatever task you will do.

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