Surface Glare: A Photographer’s Worst Enemy?

Photographer’s Worst Enemy

Because of the light of the sun, you see the beautiful things that Mother Nature has to offer. Using a video device like a portable camera, a tablet, or a phone, you may utilize the sun to take better photos of your surroundings. Third party filters and camera apps even enhance the quality of your shots.

But what if there is glare? In pictures, glare can be good if used the right way, but in videos it’s a whole different story. Glare can ruin the video, and can be bad for the eyes. It also distracts people from the main subject.

Reflection, glare, and your device’s display

Reflection on a glass or chrome surface gives a very bright and concentrated light that hinders you from seeing the things around you. In a very sunny place you won’t be able to appreciate the display on your device when there’s glare. With mobile phones having less than 5 inches of display, it’s hard to see anything. The glare is your enemy—and you’re no match for it without anti-reflective coatings.

Less glare is better

An anti-glare glass is coated with a substance that basically reduces its reflective property. It also significantly reduces the reflection of an ambient light. The coating on both sides of the glass reduces the light to a certain percentage, making the surface less shiny.

If you’re a tourist and you want to take videos and photos, a camera with anti-reflective coating is your best friend. Share the beauty that you see even if you take the photo in broad daylight.

Appreciate your phone and tablet display better because you see the vibrant colors without hurting your eyes even if you’re under direct sunlight. Even the film industry uses coatings to get better quality shots. Film crew captures beautiful aerial shots with the help of products from companies like

Glare hurts the eyes and ruins your photos. Learn how to photograph shiny surfaces and find ways to reduce glare to get better outputs.

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