Suitable Wood Materials for Outdoor Gardens

Outdoor Gardens in UK

One of the best ways to get the most out of a property’s value is to maximise every inch of the place. It takes more than just building a stunning house, though. Most realtors would certainly suggest enhancing the exteriors, particularly the front or backyard, turf and the whole garden area.

The craftsmen from say that landscaping in many Kent residences is quite a common service homeowners procure. Aside from state-of-the-art walkways, stonewalls, lighting, planting and fencing, households prefer having outdoor fixtures for them to enjoy the garden more.

Garden benches create a remarkable finish to a landscape. Wood-made bleachers make a comfortable place to spend the afternoon at. The material, though, should not be just some wood. It has to be durable and striking enough to fit the outdoor environment.


This is probably the most common wood type that manufacturers use in outdoor benches. Western and northern white cedar resins enable the wood to resist rot and insects. Its lightweight feature also makes it ideal for homeowners who fancy constantly moving and rearranging pieces of furniture.


Another rot and insect-repellent wood, this material can withstand harsh elements even without any kind of finish. But, when left unfinished, cypress turns to silver grey colour over time. It is stable enough that the wood experiences minimal shrinking and swelling.


If there is an eco-friendly wood material, then it is probably this one. Acacia trees amply grow across the world. The material fits the purpose of outdoor furnishing because it is dense and durable. Most boats are made of acacia, proving that it resists the harmful effects of water exposure.


This wood type, however, inarguably fits the most as outdoor furniture. Teak has features that one would wish for, such as being shrink or swell and decay resistant, water-repellent, sturdy and long-lasting.

When shopping for outdoor furnishings, homeowners should first take the material into consideration. The type of wood determines how the furniture does amidst the outdoor environment.