Steel Staircases for Your Interior Design

Spiral stairway

Steel is a preferred option in construction due to its great formability, high durability, tensile strength and thermal conductivity. These features make steel an excellent material for buildings staircases. These properties also make steel a unique option for enhancing the design of interior spaces. Manufacturers like Ackworth House offer staircases for different kinds of homes.

L-shaped Stairways

These are like straight stairs but with a slight bend in certain parts. The steps are flat to make turns at the bending point. L-shaped stairs are an excellent option in spaces where straight stairways cannot fit. It is also possible to install this stairway in the corners of your house. You can also add a railing design for an attractive look without affecting the functionality of the stairs.

Spiral Stairways

These assume a spring’s shape, and like the L-shaped types, they find applications in areas where you plan to save on space. Besides offering the functionality of accessing upper spaces, this stairway adds aesthetic value to interior spaces in its spiral design. However, this stairway only favours homes with few people as the structure can hardly bear heavy traffic.

Curved Stairways

Unlike the spiral types, curved stairways do not require any support structure. They can take an oval, elliptical or circular shape, which adds elegance to your interior space. Hence, they are a good option when choosing a stairway that will serve as a focal point in your house. Curved stairs can take complex designs, shapes and sizes to fit any customisation goal.

After deciding that you need a steel stairway in your space, engage an expert in steel fabrication for a magnificent yet steady staircase. The process of achieving functionality requires precision and skill.