Soaring to Greater Heights (Literally) with the U.S. Gymnastics Team


The U.S. women’s gymnastics team dominated the Rio Olympics 2016 with incredible grace, stamina, and dozens of awe-inspiring flips. Rising gymnast star Simone Biles and her team dominated the stands with their powerhouse defense, winning the team events and setting sky-high expectations.

As a result, more people find themselves fascinated with the team’s craft, especially those passionate in the art of graceful jumps. Gymnastic trainers and gyms are also looking into their techniques, taking inspiration, which they can, hopefully, pass on to their students.

So, what’s the secret? Is it a good diet or perhaps advanced gymnastic management software?

According to Time’s report, the secret lies in one thing — or person: national coordinator Martha Karolyi.

It’s All About Training… and More

Karolyi, 73, oversees all aspects of the sport. She keeps her girls in good shape and competition-ready by keeping tabs on every inch of the training; from early development programs to the advanced training for Olympic athletes, she knows them all.

For the national coordinator, her gold medal-contending Olympic team goes beyond talented women — it’s all about a thorough system that trains the moment they enter the gym, works in sync with coaches, and creates routines worth the judge’s high scores.

The Tough Love Philosophy

Even for experienced coach Karolyi and her team, reigning supreme in gymnastics is no walk in the park. Despite their years of experience in the field, the U.S. Women’s gymnastics team refrains from underestimating the competition and overestimating their talents. To keep them prepared at all times, Karolyi places a heavy emphasis on readiness.

Simone Biles admits her coordinator’s tough love philosophy was challenging and crazy at the same time. Karolyi seems to have no sense of rest, telling her girls to practice and do sets after a 16-hour flight. Biles admits to crying and almost giving up, but she realized that her coach’s insistence was for the greater good.

A little bit of tough love is necessary when it comes to developing competitive gymnasts. Following Karolyi’s exact method isn’t always the case, but her level of determination should serve as an inspiration to other coaches. Restrictions and discipline help gymnasts grow not only their talent but also their relationship with the team.

A winning gymnastics team goes beyond regular training. For Karolyi, it’s all about dedication, tough love, and the right amount of talent.