Skin Care After Botox: What to Do and Not Do

Botox Injections in UtahBy now, getting Botox injections is no longer an issue with most people. Gone are the days when people look down on others for engaging in any form of cosmetic procedure. As the need for products and services focusing on beauty arises, there also should be a need for care and safety. While Botox is one of those procedures that pose little threat to your health, you should still follow some guidelines after getting one.

Before you set up an appointment, here are some things you need to know to take care of yourself awards.

No Touching

Do not treat the affected area like nothing just went in there. It is important not to disturb the ingredient under your skin and allow it to spread to unintended places. Since it relaxes the muscles, you do not want some parts of your body to lose its movement, especially in your face. Botox may last for three months before the body fully absorbs it. During the first 24 hours, however, you should not get into any facial treatments, Alpine Plastic Surgery reminds.

In Case of Bruising

There are some slight chances that your skin on the affected area may develop bruising. It is a normal reaction and these bruises will go away quickly. When you find yourself bruising, you can apply topical creams that contain Vitamin K or Arnica. These ingredients will help heal the bruises faster. If you already need to be at a social event after getting Botox, you can simply hide the bruises with a concealer. You can go back to your cosmetic doctor if you are not satisfied with the results or if there are having problems with it.

Taking care of yourself after any cosmetic procedure is your responsibility. Do not be afraid to ask your doctor what you should do for after care.