What You Shouldn’t Throw in a Skip Bin

Skip Bin

Skip bins are really a great help when you are giving your home a major clean-up. They are large and could accommodate all kinds of waste–no matter how small or big they are.

Well, to be exact, skip bins could take in almost all kinds of waste. But just like other things, there are always a few exceptions, mostly because of common sense precautions.

Depending on where you rent your large open-topped waste container, they may not allow you to put these wastes into their dumpster:


Asbestos is a fibrous material commonly used in domestic building materials. Due to its toxicity, however, it has been banned throughout Australia. When exposed, it could cause major respiratory conditions such as lung cancer. Asbestos waste shouldn’t be mixed with other wastes. In Thornlie, disposing of them in skip bins could be a disaster waiting to happen; instead, dispose them in a certified landfill site that accepts this hazardous waste.

Soil and Rubble

Though skip bins are more durable waste containers than the others, soil and rubble could still potentially damage the bins because they are heavy waste materials. To protect the bin from further harm, these types of waste materials shouldn’t be thrown inside. To get rid of clean fill or hard fill wastes, you could still ask the skip bin company to collect them.


Appliances such as fridge, TV, computer, air conditioners, etc. are also a no-no. When these appliances rust, they could cause harm to the environment. To dispose of your appliances, send them to a recycling shop. They could still be used as scrap metal.

Plastic Bottles, Paper And Tin Cans

Would you really throw these materials inside your large waste container? Instead of getting them into waste, dispose them in your blue-top recycling bin. That way, all the plastic bottles, paper and tin cans would be recycled or reused into something better.

Before you use your skip bin, know all the dos and don’ts. What you think as wastes may not be wastes after all.

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