Should You Get a Haircut Every 2 Weeks?

A man getting a haircut at a barbershop

Do you sometimes wonder how often you should be seeing a barber? The frequency of your trips will depend on several factors, including your desired hair length and budget.

Frequency of Trips

If you intend to keep the shortest part of your hair at less than half an inch, you should visit every two weeks. Those who can afford it may do so every week for better maintenance.

The idea of a weekly haircut may seem time-consuming for some people, not to mention being too costly. Those who dislike the idea of spending too much time and money may choose to buy barber clippers online, especially if they only sport a buzz cut for the longest time. Still, doing it yourself requires you to be skilled and familiar with the process.

Seasonal Haircut

The length of your hair determines how often you should have a haircut, but weather also plays a role. During the winter, your hair grows much slower than normal. You can only have a haircut once a month or even every two months.

Take note that hair usually grows by half an inch every month, which could be more or less depending on your case. A shorter hairstyle generally makes hair growth more noticeable, which means the clean look you desire from a new trim may start to lose its crispness every week. As such, there is a need for more frequent haircuts.

On the other hand, you only need a trim or haircut every eight weeks if you have been keeping the length of your hair at least eight or nine inches.

Money will usually dictate how often you should get a haircut, aside from how self-conscious you become about the style and length of your hair. While you can buy hair maintenance equipment and do things on your own, visiting a barber regularly could be your best bet.